Most common causes of dry hands

Most common causes of dry hands

Ruby Red on 16th Jul 2020

We've all looked down at our Hands and wondered what happened. While you can't stop the clock, there are ways to keep Hands looking good. A good Hand Moisturiser will go a long way to restoring moisture and firm to the skin but what are the most the most common causes of dry skin.

1. The elements - sun, wind and cold
Both cold and sun affect the hands and makes your skin looses moisture. In cold weather, humidity plunges, and turning up the heating means that the air, and your hands, loose even more moisture. In hot weather, its the sun and air conditioning that affects the skin.
A quick fix always wear gloves outside to protect your hands in cold weather and drinks lots of water to replenish loss of moisture. Keep out of the sun and use a Hand Moisturiserthat protects and repairs

3. Moisture robbing soaps
Wash your hands with synthetic soaps and you moisture will go down the drain. Harsh ingredients in a lot of hand washes do more than leave your hands squeeky clean, they leave your hands dry and irritated.
A quick fix use a natural hand wash without synthetic detergent or fragrance and use a nourishing Hand Moisturiser after every wash.

4. Life
Hormones and cell turnover are going to affect us differently at any age. As we become older, skin becomes thinner and more parched, veins will show more. With new science in handcare, you can minimise these changes and look your best at any age.

A quick fix always keep a good Hand Moisturiser by the bed and use it last thing at night and first thing in the morning.