E Gift Cards

How to purchase

  1. Complete form in our online shop - e-gift card
  2. Add your details as well as the details of the recipient.
  3. Add the value you would like to gift
  4. Minimum £ 10.00. There is no maximum.
  5. The e-gift card is emailed directly to the recipient.
  6. If you prefer give the e-gift card personally, then enter your own details in the recipient's field.
  7. When you receive the e-gift card email with the redemption code, print it out.

How to pay for your e-gift card

  1. When you have finished the purchase from the e-gift card page, click add to basket
  2. From the basket page, you can choose to add more items or go to check out
  3. At the check out page, you will be asked to choose your payment method
  4. Check out as per any other transaction.
  5. once transaction is complete, an email with the e-gift card redemption code will be sent to the recipient's email.
  6. Keep redemption code safe, you will need it to make a purchase.

How to redeem your e-gift card.

  1. Have your e-gift redemption code to hand.
  2. Add the products you want to purchase into your basket.
  3. When you are ready to checkout, enter your e-gift card code into the e-gift card section in the check out page.
  4. Continue with your checkout as normal.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Ruby Red e-gift cards are only redeemable online at rubyredcosmetics.co.uk.
  2. There is a one-year expiration date, from the date of purchase, on all e-gift cards
  3. We are unable to cancel or refund any e-gift card..
  4. If you lose or delete your e-gift card please contact Customer Service.
  5. We are unable to alter the value of card, once you have purchased your e-gift card.
  6. We are unable to top it up your e-gift card, you will be required to purchase another.
  7. You may check the balance of your e-gift card at any time, from your Account, from the basket Page or the Check out page.

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