5 ways to Use Hair Oil

Hair Oil is your new best friend to improve the texture and look of your hair. We use the very best pure plant oils of Olive, Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Coconut that are rich in nutrients and vitamins to keep hair strong, vitalised and nourished while the high moisture retaining capacity helps to prevent frizziness and further split ends. Plus, our blend of four aromatic essential oils including Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and Peppermint stimulates hair growth and improves circulation. Your new haircare staple has arrived!

We've rounded up our Top 5 Tips so you can get the best out of your Hair Oil.


Before shampooing, apply a small amount of Hair Oil to the ends of wet hair. This will minimise the appearance of split ends and make dry ends feel softer. After a couple of minutes, the oil will soak into your hair and since you’re following with shampoo, it won’t leave hair feeling greasy.

As a Conditioner

Apply a small amount of the Hair Oil directly to dry hair before washing. Work through from roots to ends. Allow 30 minutes for the oil to nourish the hair and then wash as normal.

 Fight the Frizz

If frizz is your main concern, apply a small Hair Oil to damp hair. Warm in the palm of the hands and finger comb into hair starting from root to tips.

Fixes for Flyways

To keep flyaway hair at bay (hair that is full of static cling), apply a drop of the Hair Oil to your index finger and lightly coat those wild strands to tame those flyaways.

Wake up with Better Hair

For more manageable hair, using Hair Oil once a week as an overnight treatment can be very effective. Apply a small amount of oil a few inches below the roots and work down to the ends. Follow by shampooing your hair as normal the next morning.

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