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With the arrival of chilly winds and colder temperatures, comes a multitude of skincare woes. Team the harsh January climate with a whole lot of moisture-sapping central heating, and you’re sure to see a change in the texture and look of your complexion and body. Luckily, there are simple ways to keep dehydration at bay…

1. Turn down the heat

If tight, itchy, red and flaky skin all sound familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, many people confuse dehydration with a skin type and often group it together with dryness, when actually it’s a concern that can be treated. Environmental aggressors, diet and lifestyle will all affect moisture levels, so it’s worth being mindful of your daily activities. One of the quickest ways to combat moisture loss is by lowering the temperature of your bath time ritual and morning shower. By keeping things a tad cooler, the skin has a fighting chance and will feel firmer, too.

2. Keep the balance

Another common misconception is mixing up fine lines and wrinkles with dehydration lines. A great test for this takes a matter of seconds and will help you to diagnose whether your skin is dehydrated or not. Look closely into the mirror and gently push one cheek upwards, towards the eye. If you notice horizontal lines forming as you add pressure, then this is a key indicator that your skin is crying out for a moisture boost. Here at Ruby Red, we love to nourish the skin wherever possible. Try our multitasking Renewal Shea Skin Cream, for a quick fix that will instantly soothe and encourage the reparative process.

3. Hydrate from the inside

We all know we should up our water intake, but never has it been so imperative when you begin to notice signs of tightness. It’s a struggle to hide skin that’s drier than the Sahara, so take action as soon as you wake with a glass of warm water and lemon. Plus, if you’re starting 2016 with a healthy outlook on your diet, be sure to add avocados to meals for major skin loving benefits, thanks to the fatty acids. Your skin will be forever grateful.

4. Refresh your routine

The products you choose to use daily undoubtedly have a direct impact on the look and feel of your skin. So, if you’re current routine isn’t cutting it in the hydration stakes, consider a bathroom shelf makeover and remove the formulas that strip the skin. Treat yourself to a revamped ritual for both morning and evening pampering, and you’ll quickly see an improvement.

Hair Oil

5. Switch to oils

Fighting dehydration will require extra oomph in the beauty department, and nothing matches the power of a treatment oil for the most effective results. Our Face Oil contains pure Rose Otto and Chamomile to deeply nourish, along with Argan and Jojoba Oil. Add a few drops, using the fuss-free pipette, onto palms and press over the entire face and neck. Plus, if your locks struggle in the cold weather, wave goodbye to frazzled ends with our restorative, frizz-taming Hair Oil to bring back that glossy shine.

6. Soothe and calm

Flaky patches and redness can be one of the most irritating aspect of angry skin. Both are tricky to disguise and will quickly worsen as soon as you step outside in the morning. Relieve parched limbs with a dose of our Soothe + Nourish Body Moisturiser that’s enriched with calming Jasmine and Babassu Butter, and ensure your hands and lips are cared for with a dose of Soothing Shea Skin Cream, which contains heavenly Lavender and Rosemary Oil.


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