Beard Grooming Tips

To Trim or not to trim

Don't trim or shave too early. It’s easy to make mistakes and scrap the entire beard. It’s best to let it grow out for about one or two months before touching it. If you must trim, then only trim up what is out of place. So you should only be trimming off about 10 to 40 hairs around the cheeks and neckline.


To brush or comb

Brushing definitely makes beard look shinier and smoother. Be careful not to use a plastic bristle brush or an extruded molded comb as they will have micro fissures that cause snags and damage your beard.


Best Way to brush your beard

Brush you beard every morning after washing while still damp. Brushing your beard from the root of the beard follicle to the tip is a good way to ensure that there is an equal distribution of sebum oil within your beard.

A brush will also help you train your beard after several days, you can steadily begin to train the hair follicle to grow in a certain direction.


The benefit of using a beard oil?

Applying a good quality Beard oil every morning like our Vanilla Bourbon and Spearmint Beard Oil will not only keep your beard healthy, softening and adding a little shine, it will also smell great.

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