Face Oil - A Skin Saviour

After all that time spent outside in the sun, it’s time to give your skin an extra boost of nourishment. Whether it’s helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, boost collagen or shedding dead layers built up from all that sunscreen, our Face Oil will help give radiance back to your skin in no time.

Containing a rich blend of plant actives, potent anti-oxidants and a high dosage of Vitamin E with nourishing Rose Oil, our Face Oil is a natural skin booster that will make skin feel instantly smoother, plumper and rehydrated.

One of the key ingredients is Camellia Oil which helps protect the skin from free radical damage. Popular in Japan for thousands of years, the oil comes from the beautiful camellia flower. How does it work? The Camellia Oil easily penetrates skin without clogging pores and nourishing the skin with omega-9 fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamin E and plant collagen and proteins, all while protecting skin from free radical damage, restoring moisture balance and refining and nourishing the complexion.

If that wasn’t enough, pure essentials oils of Rose Otto and Chamomile in our Face Oil will help soothe skin and provide a natural calming effect.

No matter your skin type, using a facial oil will undoubtedly offer a number of benefits right away. If you have oily skin, the oil helps balance the sebum, and if you have dry skin a facial oil is essential to boosting hydration.

So whether you're new to face oils or you're just looking for a multitasking wonder, adding a Face Oil is the perfect choice for your skincare routine.

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