Lets talk about Parabens

The controversy surrounding paraben started in the UK when molecular biologist, Phillippe Darbre, found traces of parabens in the samples of 20 breast tumors and since then the debate rages on. We believe that there is enough concern about the harmful side effects of these chemicals to not use them in our products.

Parabens are esters of para-hydroxy benzoic acid. The most common parabens are: Methyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Propel Paraben and Butyl Paraben. They are used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries to prevent bacteria from fungus growing in product. As yet no one knows what the cumulative affect will be of using chemicals on a daily basis.

Although Parabens are the cheapest, most readily available preservative, they are other effective options today to keep cosmetics fungus free. At Ruby Red, we only use ecocert approved ingredients and preservatives as we want to give you the best quality natural product.

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