The Secret of Perfect Body Exfoliation

So what is all the fuss is about exfoliation and why is a good Body Scrub a must have in your bathroom?

As summer comes along and you dare to bare a bit more, you suddenly realise that all winter you had your dry bits hidden. Exfoliation is the key to getting a healthy, glowing skin. A good Body Scrub will not only slough away dead skin cells to reveal new healthier skin, the rubbing action will boosts circulation and help drain lymph nodes. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and you will be ready for all those summer dresses.

We think of our Smoothing Body Scrub has a 3 step treatment.

First of all, the Dead Sea salt exfoliates. Dead Sea salt differs from regular sea salt in that it has a much lower sodium content. It is renowned for drawing out toxins, helping the skin renew itself which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and leaves skin looking younger. The minerals in Dead Sea Salt "are known to bind water, influence epidermal proliferation and differentiation, and enhance permeability barrier repair," which means that they help the skin retain water and keep it moisturised. More moisture in the skin leads to a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and the prevention of new wrinkle formation.

Then we nourish the skin with plant oils especially blended to give your skin maximum moisture. Your body is going to feel soft and silky.

And lastly, the natural aroma of fresh Mandarin, Lemon, Bergamot means that you are going to be ready for the day ahead not matter what happens.

Once a week is all it takes to get your Body summer ready.

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