Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, use the purest plant ingredients, understand the science behind how the nutrients and vitamins work with the skin and create products which make the most of these benefits to improve skin texture, hydration and radiance, keeping it looking naturally healthy and glowing. Our award winning, high performance, natural beauty range is developed and produced in the UK using herbs, seeds and plants rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to give your skin a healthy, radiant complexion.

Products formulated for your skin benefits

We take a scientific approach to traditional remedies. Our experienced bio chemists are passionate about plant ingredients, researching to understand how the ingredients in our formulations work with the skin to improve its health and appearance. We research how adding new plant technology - like Plant Stem Technology - is going to improve the performance of our products to give you the very best results.

Why Natural

Natural can mean so many things - animals and petroleum are natural, no wonder it's confusing. For us at Ruby Red, when we say our products are natural, we mean we avoid ingredients which are known to cause irritation. Perfect for dry, sensitive skin; we use the very best quality plant ingredients, many organic, to make the purest products; free from SLS, parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, synthetic aromas, dyes. No product is tested on animals.

Made in the UK

We are a London brand, all our products are made from our production site in Devon.

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